Repair Pack

Repair Pack
We have a dedicated repair centre with a Specialist Technical Hoverboard 
engineers Team that can fix your board whether it is a 6.5, 8, 10-inch 
board that has Bluetooth functionality or not.
We offer a simple no hassle repair service where we will arrange for 
your board to be collected, inspected and delivered back to you all 
within the one-off cost of £40.00.

We have a simple 5 step repair process.

1) Purchase the Inspection pack for £40.00 and upon checkout, in the 
notes section add a description of the fault and the collection address 
for the board.

2) Pack the Segway Hoverboard securely making sure the charger is also 
securely packed within the box.

3) The team will arrange the collection of the Segway Hoverboard within 
2 working days, we do this using a prepaid label where you take it to a 
local drop off point.

4) The Segway Hoverboard will be inspected by one of our specialist 
engineers. If the fault can be fixed we will provide you a quote for the 
repair by email.

5) You simply decide if you want us to go ahead and fix the Segway You 
will then pay for the additional cost for the repair. We will carry out 
the repair and send the board back to you within 7 days.  If you decide 
not to go ahead we can simply send your board back.